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Catering Menu

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Paratha Indian flatbread served with Burmese potato curry  20 cut pieces $ 15

Bayar Kyaw Fried yellow split pea fritters 24 pieces $ 15

Samosa Triangular pastry filled with potato and spices 12 pieces  $ 15       

Eggroll Fried wrapper stuffed with glass noodle and mixed veggies  12 pieces $ 15

Fried Chicken wings  25 pieces   $ 35

Coconut Shrimp  25 pieces   $ 45

(non spicy/ mild/ medium/ spicy)

Laphet Thoke Pickled tea leaf salad  
(caggabe or lettuce) (dry shrimp on side option)  
$ 40

Gin Thoke  Fresh ginger salad  
(vegetarian or regular option with fish sauce)
$ 40

Athoke Sone  Rainbow salad  
(vegetarian or regular option with fish sauce)  $ 45

Som Tum Spicy papaya salad with green beans, tomato, peanuts and dried shrimps (shrimp on side option) $ 40

Laab Spicy mint salad with ground chicken or ground pork  $ 45

Moo Nam Tok Spicy grilled pork salad $ 45


Thai Stir-fried
(non spicy/ mild/ medium/ spicy)

Choice of tofu, or chicken: $ 50 | Beef or Pork: $ 55 | Shrimp: $ 65

Basil and chili with veggies  (green beans, bell pepper, carrots, basil leaves)  

Garlic and pepper sauce with veggies (carrots, cilantro, shredded cabbage)

Fresh ginger and soybean sauce with veggies (fresh ginger, yellow onion, bell pepper, carrots, mushroom, and celery)  

Eggplant and soybean sauce with veggies (eggplants, yellow onion, bell pepper, carrots, basil leaves)  

Spicy Prik Kin Green beans (green beans, bell pepper carrots, kaffir lime leaf)  

Cashew nuts and chilli (cashew nuts, onion, green onions bell pepper, carrots, dried chilli)  

Peanut sauce with veggies (broccoli and carrots) 

Burmese Curry 
(non spicy/ mild/ medium/ spicy)

Thai Curry 
(mild/ medium/ spicy) 

Choice of tofu, or chicken: $40 | Beef or pork: $50 | Shrimp: $60


Red Curry with bamboo shoot, carrot and bell pepper  

Green Curry with eggplant, carrot and bell pepper  

Yellow Curry with potato, carrot and onion  

Mussamun Curry with potato, carrot, onion and peanut  

Pumpkin Curry with pumpkin, carrot and bell pepper  

Jungle Curry Deluxe veggie curry with herbs and spices (no coconut milk)

Pineapple Curry with pineapple, carrot and bell pepper  


Choice of tofu , or chicken: $ 45 | Beef or pork: $ 55  | Shrimp: $ 65

Panaeng Curry with bell pepper, carrots, basil leaf and kaffir lime leaf 

Chetta Aloo Chicken curry with potato  $ 45

Chetta Pehin Chicken curry with yellow split pea $ 45

Kala Pehin Vegetable curry with yellow split pea  $ 45

Wetta Hin Lay Pork curry with bell pepper  $ 52

Wetta Aloo Pork curry with potatoes  $ 52

Wetta Thiyethi Chet Pork curry with pickled mango  $ 55

Nga Kyaw Chet Fish curry with tomato  $ 55

Beef Pumpkin Beef curry with pumpkin  $ 60

Beef Aloo Beef curry with potatoes  $ 60

Lamb Aloo Lamb curry with potatoes  $ 75

Burmese Noodle and Rice 
(regular or spicy)

See Kyat Kauk Swe Noodle with fried garlic & BBQ pork $ 45

Chicken Garlic Noodle Flour noodle with fried garlic & roasted chicken $ 40

Nan Gyi Thoke Thick round rice noodle with curried chicken and boiled egg $ 40

Nan Latt Thoke Round rice noodle with curried chicken and boiled egg $ 40

Nan Pya Thoke Flat rice noodle with curried chicken and boiled egg  $ 40

Kauk Swe Thoke Flour noodle with curried chicken and boiled egg $ 40

Thai Noodle and Rice 
(non spicy/ mild/ medium/ spicy) 

Choice of tofu, chicken: $ 40 | Beef or pork: $ 45 | Shrimp: $ 55 

Pad Thai  Pan-fried rice noodle with egg, bean sprout, green onion and peanut

Pad See Eew  Pan-fried wide rice noodle with egg and veggies  

Pad Kee Mow (drunken noodle)  Pan-fried wide rice noodle with basil and veggies  

Basil Fried Rice  with basil and veggies  

Thai Fried Rice  with tomato, onion, green onion and egg  

Pineapple Fried Rice  with cashew nuts and raisin 

Rice & Extras 
(per tray)

Jasmine Rice   $ 10

Coconut Rice   $ 25

Brown Rice  $ 10

Chapatti   $ 10

Paratha    $ 10

Sticky Rice  $ 25